Forest Pedagogy

Forest Pedagogy

In order to educate on the benefits of Forest Pedagogy and present examples of Good Practices from neighboring countries, the River Mirna Basin Model Forest held several lessons for teachers from some Croatian schools, starting with the Buzet Elementary School and Višnjan Elementary School.

Students from the same schools had the opportunity to test Forest Pedagogy in practice through seminars prepared for them by the Forest Pedagogue Ana Fornazar.

Forest Pedagogy is an innovative approach to raising children based on forest play. Being a "forestry school" means moving away from today's standardized education and teaching of children and taking into account the natural needs of growing children, such as movement, finding the necessary challenges to develop a neurological system, playing and building free social relationships.

Through playful approaches, the pedagogical activities carried out in the woods help to spread knowledge about forests in a pleasant way, thus laying the foundations for allowing children, as adults, to understand and appreciate the sustainable management of forests.

Since Croatia is rich in forests (forest area covers almost 95% of the country) it can be a country potentially suitable for creating schools and kindergartens in the forest.

Forest Pedagogy - as part of education for sustainable development - according to the River Mirna Basin Model Forest can be a great opportunity for social growth.