Brochure of MMFN - 2024

Brochure of MMFN - 2024

In the meaning of the initiative “International Model Forest Network Climate | Scaling-up Nature-based Leadership Platforms for Climate Resilience, Restoring Degraded Forest Landscapes and Biodiversity” we had the opportunity to have funds from the Canadian Government to realize a new version of the MMFN brochure, including information about restoration and translating it in 4 new languages. 

Starting from the previous version of the MMFN brochure, we worked to renew and update some of the texts, images and photos to better describe the current situation of the Mediterranean Network. Two new MF were added to the brochure (Valle dell’Aterno and Western Macedonia) together with three initiatives (Voskopoja/Albania, Arebica/Morocco and Shouf/Lebanon).

Four new pages were added to describe the role and opportunities given by the MF approach as best practices for Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) projects. Key principles on how MF acts when involved in FLR projects were collected and 4 case studies from Italy, France, Morocco and Lebanon were included.

The brochure, originally in english, was translated in Italian, Arabic, French and Spanish to strengthen the Network membership and help the ODA MFs to be more effective in the involvement of rural and local communities, improving the stakeholder engagement and raising awareness about the MF approach to restoration.


Available versions: