8th Mediterranean Forest Week - Save the date

8th Mediterranean Forest Week - Save the date

Please reserve your calendar for the next edition of the Mediterranean Forest Week (MFW) that will be held in Barcelona (Spain) from 4 to 8 November 2024, focusing on the restoration of forest ecosystems in the Mediterranean region. 

During the week also the MedForum will take place, gathering all the Model Forests of the Mediterranean to present their achievements and discuss the way forward through the next year in the Network.  

The MFW serves as a platform for cooperation among researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders, fostering dialogue on the challenges faced by Mediterranean forests.

Despite the continuous increase in forest cover over the past decades, mainly due to land use changes, the region faces challenges, including 80 million hectares of degraded land and 400 000 hectares burnt every year by wildfires. Climate change threatens 16% of animal and plant species in Mediterranean forests, while severity and length of droughts shrinks the distribution ranges of the most important tree species of the Mediterranean. The 8th MFW will delve into solutions and initiatives for the restoration and sustainable management of these ecosystems.

Through plenary sessions, debate and discussion, the 8th MFW topics include: 

  • Successful landscape approaches in forest restoration for resilience and biodiversity conservation;
  • Efficient forest management for adaptation to climate change;
  • Broader stakeholder engagement in integrated management of Mediterranean forests, with a focus on youth.

MFW is one of the highlights of the Mediterranean forest calendar, offering the opportunity for networking, brainstorming and solution sharing on the most crucial issues for Mediterranean forests. MFW brings the Mediterranean forest community together for a deep dive into what is happening today and for the future in Mediterranean forests.

See you in Barcelona!