Revolutionizing the Mediterranean Forest-Wood Supply Chain: the EU Horizon project DigiMedFor

Revolutionizing the Mediterranean Forest-Wood Supply Chain: the EU Horizon project DigiMedFor

DigiMedFor is a groundbreaking initiative set to transform the technological landscape of the Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain and bolster its competitiveness. The overarching goal is to empower stakeholders to effectively manage forests and supply multiple  ecosystem services, including the vital traceability of wood from forests to end-users.

Aligned with the EU forest strategy and the EU digital strategy, DigiMedFor will leverage advanced and innovative digital solutions to revolutionize the monitoring and management of forest resources along the supply chain, spanning from origin to the wood industry. By optimizing the sustainability of wood production and improving traceability and delivery of ecosystem services, DigiMedFor promises a paradigm shift in the industry.

At the core of DigiMedFor's approach lies the seamless integration of geo-spatial, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital twin technologies, combined with information and communication technology (ICT). This synergetic combination will pave the way for enhanced forest management and unlock unprecedented opportunities for the entire sector.

"DigiMedFor marks a significant milestone in our collective journey towards a sustainable and digitally empowered Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain,"

said Luigi Saulino, Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Naples Federico II, DigiMedFor’s Project Primary Coordinator, at the DigiMedFor Kickoff meeting in Italy 19-20 June 2023.

"by embracing cutting-edge modern digital solutions and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, we aim to overcome challenges, improve traceability, and ensure the long-term vitality of our precious forests."

Within the DIGIMEDFOR project three Model Forests of the Mediterranean Network are involved, the Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest, the Istria Model Forest and the Provence Model Forest. Within the regions where the three Model Forests operate, will be tested the new technologies and methods of digitizing the wood production chain that the European H2020 project intends to develop with the help of all partners. Once again, the Model Forests prove to be an essential point of reference of the link with the territory that is essential both for the progress of important and innovative projects and for ensuring a real impact on the social and environmental fabric.

Join DigiMedFor in the pursuit of a greener future and be part of the transformative change in the Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain. Together, we can shape a sustainable world where forests thrive and ecosystem services are safeguarded.

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