ForestEd - Kick off meeting

ForestEd - Kick off meeting

The first official meeting between the partners of the ForestEd took place last December, the project financed by Erasmus+ which sees the Provence Model Forest as the lead partner.

The project aims to promote a series of actions based on the exchange of knowledge, on cooperation in areas of interest and on the collective development of innovation capacity for the conservation of biodiversity and the supply of ecosystem goods and services essential for well-being.

During the meeting, the first steps of the project were organized, which involve the organization of three exchange events. The first will take place in France in March 2021 and will last three days; to follow in Italy in October 2021 the second event will be held and to conclude, in January 2022 in Portugal, the last meeting will be held.

Specifically, during these meetings, the partners will present their experience in the field of environmental education, exchange knowledge and look for opportunities for common development.

The Cesefor Foundation, a partner of ForestEd, will also develop a project logo, with the aim of becoming a symbol of education and exchange, allowing these initiatives to continue even after the project is concluded.

The second meeting will be held in the second half of January to establish the next steps that the various partners will have to take.