Provence Model Forest will enrich the “Collobrières Nature Festival” through various thematic events

Provence Model Forest will enrich the “Collobrières Nature Festival” through various thematic events

On the weekend of 28 and 29 May, the municipality of Collobrières is organizing the 19th edition of the Festival de la Nature! Festival that is committed to showcasing the Massif des Maures, its biodiversity and its natural heritage. The Provence Model Forest, in addition to having participated in the organization of the days, will participate in this festival through various events.

There will be demonstrations of sculpture, wood turning and cork! The cork will be processed on old machines from old cork factories in the Var. This demonstration will be conducted by Guy Revest, president of Escolo de la targo.

The Provence Model Forest will then have the pleasure of exhibiting the material of the artists awarded in the “Quercus Suber 2022” competition, a competition that was organized by the French Model Forest to enhance the cork and the work of local artists and craftsmen. The Design and Shooting categories will be exhibited.

There will also be an exhibition that will present the work to enhance the arbutus, the pistachio mastic, the cork oak, the chestnut and the Aleppo pine in which the Provence Model Forest has been involved in recent years. For the same reason, in the area of ​​the Festival dedicated to local producers, there will be a stand with the products developed with the Natural Park of Sainte-Baume around the strawberry tree.

Many of the Provence Model Forest partners will also be present: the Escoulen woodturning school, Beeosphera, Planète Sciences and the Domaine de la Portanière. There will be no shortage of artisans: the Jardins d'Alice, the Comptoir de l'Alchimiste, the Bessillon farm - cured meats and cheeses, the Lièges Junqué factories, etc.

The Festival of Nature, completely free, was designed with a vision of eco-citizenship and sustainable development. Sensitize the regional and national population to the fragility of the Mediterranean ecosystem and the richness of its heritage, through a playful and civic approach.