The Mediterranean Network continues to grow, welcoming the first Greek Model Forest

The Mediterranean Network continues to grow, welcoming the first Greek Model Forest

Few days ago Western Macedonia Model Forest received the confirmation of the formal acceptance as a full member of the IMFN.

The acceptance of the WMMF is the result of the completion of a joint review of the strategic plan, on-site consultations by the IMFN and the MMFN Secretariats, and above all the diligent work and commitment of local stakeholders.

The acceptance message that came from the Secretary of IMFN Richard Verbisky highlighted how “the development of the Model Forest has been undertaken with a considered review of the Model Forest concept and its applicability and usefulness to the region. The Strategic Plan is comprehensive, clearly presented and provides a firm foundation for implementation of the Model Forest in the region. Indeed, the approach taken, particularly with the identification of key issues, is one that we will be sharing with other Model Forests as it illustrates strategic analysis and clear focus on issues of importance to the region and stakeholders”.

Model Forest proponents in the region have strongly engaged a diversity of stakeholders and have effectively taken into account a range of land uses, including significant cultural and historical values” Verbisky wrote, “the Western Macedonia Model Forest Strategic Plan set out an ambitious but achievable program of activities that are clearly focused on current social issues of importance to the local community and that have relevance at national and international levels, such as networking, environment, tourism/society, management and promotion of woods & non woods forest products”.

According to MMFN Secretary Toni Ventre, "this achievement is the result of the work and passion for their local area of communities and local authorities who saw in the Model Forest approach and membership in the network the possibility of combining the improvement of people's well-being with that of the environment in which they live".


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Congratulations to the stakeholders who have been diligently working on Model Forest activities and best wishes for a successful and productive future.

Welcome to the IMFN!