MedForum 2012

MedForum 2012

The MedForum 2012, entitled "Changes in the Mediterranean landscape" took place on 12-13 November, at Yalova, Turkey.

The Directorate General for Turkish Forests (OGM) and the Spanish Secretariat of the Mediterranean Network were responsible for the organization.

Model Forest delegates as well as MMFN country/region representatives have been invited to participate. As usual, the meeting has been also opened to observers including from our partner organizations involved in the Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests (CPMF).

During the MedForum2012, a meeting of the IMFN network committee was also held.

In addition to the general assembly of MMFN, the program included 3 half-day sessions with workshop and a trip in the territory of Yalova Model Forest.

To facilitate the exchange of information between the various participants, the various workshops were translated simultaneously into English and French.


The goals of the event was:

1. To consolidate the network of Model Forests, partners and participant countries/regions as a way of supporting the improvement of sustainable forest management in the Mediterranean;

2. To strengthen networking capacities of Network members in the local Model Forest development process;

3. To stimulate reflection and discussion on the way forward in research, programs, and for policies to support effective governance and management in the Mediterranean basin;

4. To draw together representatives of like-minded and like-mandated organizations and initiatives, to catalyze opportunities for networking and collaboration in the Mediterranean basin.


The specific objectives of the event therefore included:

a. To agree on a biannual Action Plan for the Network as well as specific work plans for the three network projects (Traceability, WebGIS and EcoTourism) currently managed from the MMFN Secretariat;

b. To consolidate the MMFN project database in order to capture funding opportunities during the period 2012/2013;

c. To explore new funding options for the Network and its Secretariat in a transition period.




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