The OneForest project was funded!

The OneForest project was funded!

The OneForest project (, funded by the H2020 program, with the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences as coordinator, was funded.

The project aims to create a multi-criteria decision support system for integrated forest management to strengthen forest resilience, harmonize stakeholder interests and ensure sustainability of timber flows.

Four case studies will be established, following European bio-geographical regions, to study climate resilient silvicultural management practices and new seeding and planting methods through the application of a proprietary engineered topsoil based on wood fibres. Corresponding forestry operations and disturbance concepts will be developed according to selected sustainability criteria. The information will be consolidated in a dynamic value chain model to assess the impact of the forest-wood value chain on regional development quantified by a set of economic, environmental and social indicators.

A new Multi-Criteria Decision Support System will be developed to visualise decision making by comparing Sustainable Forest Management, Forest Ecosystem synergies and trade-offs, reliable timber supply and stakeholder interests through indicators of the social, economic and environmental dimensions of the FWVC, applying programming methods and milestones.

A new app will be available for stakeholders interested in the global forest timber value chain.

All ONEForest results will be implemented in new Model Forests, forming part of the International Model Forest Network for the adapted regional forest management concept.