The value of the network for environmental resilience

The value of the network for environmental resilience

Networks are an unprecedented relational capital to face the changing world. Especially if these networks operate on similar lands and with the same purposes as the protection of biodiversity and the improvement of the ecological status of forest landscapes and rural territories.

In 2015, the MAVA foundation created the Medforval network which deals with forest landscapes and high ecological value forests in the Mediterranean area. The network was born with the aim of exchanging good practices and to implement common projects. Since 2019, the Oikos Institute has coordinated the secretariat of this network, previously coordinated by AIMF.

In recent days there has been a first contact between two realities, the Medforval network and the Mediterranean Model Forest Network, a collaboration between the two secretariats will certainly be advantageous considering the sharing of similar objectives and strategies and - in part - coverage geographical.

In addition, the Medforval network is currently discussing its contribution to the Mediterranean Forest Week 2021 (Tunisia 22-26 March) of which MMFN will be one of the organizers.

Another piece to work together for the good of all!