“Tre Passi a Monte” how knowledge of the territory can help to develop sustainability

“Tre Passi a Monte” how knowledge of the territory can help to develop sustainability

It was 2014 when the Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest Association (Tuscany, Italy), in particular the Culture and Tourism thematic commission, presented the “Tre Passi a Monte” project.

Since then seven editions have been held, and it has become an annual event dedicated to environmental education and knowledge of the material and immaterial cultural heritage of the territory.

"For grow up the Sustainability in a territory, we must stimulate its knowledge” from this statement was born a project that has multiple objectives and it has now become a fixed event in Florentine territory.

In each edition there are three appointments, real walks alternating with educational activities that are always organized by the members of Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest Association. Everyone must collaborate in the drafting of the program.

Taking part in "Tre Passi a Monte" means participating in a walk where forestry experts together with cultural or sports associations, farms, botanists and mycologists, together with ethno-musicological associations, tell during the walk what you see and what has happened in those places over time. The members' know-how is exchanged, in order to create a programme rich in information dedicated to the knowledge of the territory and the environmental and cultural landscape with the aim of:

  • Promoting territorial traditions;
  • Increasing the knowledge in the historical-geographical, anthropological, scientific field.
  • Encouraging good sustainable practices and lifestyles
  • Inspiring collective reflections through the exchange of ideas between the participants
  • Share the experience on an emotional level

In the last years, 7 editions have been held for a total of 21 walks involving over 30 members - including associations, companies, freelancers, institutions including of course Union of Municipalities Valdarno e Valdisieve and the seven Municipalities that make up the Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest borders-  in particular the Union of Municipalities has always believed and in many cases funded the project .

Each edition has a specific theme interpreted by the three walks: forestry, art, botany, production sector, fauna...etc.

Saturday 3rd October will be the last appointment for the 2020 season, this year the main theme is dedicated to the places of "memory and resistance to fascism", but the occasion is also to witness how these places have changed since then, risking in part to be forgotten as happens with History itself. As always, there will be further in- depths dedicated to environmental education.

Tre passi a monte