Good news: Forest Ed project has been funded!

Good news: Forest Ed project has been funded!

“Forest Ed” was born for a simple reason: all official reports, including the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), confirm that climate change is the major challenge of the 21st century for humanity. To address it, a change in the development model is therefore necessary at all levels and in all sectors: environmental, social and economic.

The Project aims to train leaders in the field of education who are able to transmit good management practices to citizens and to promote environmental transition solutions suitable for Mediterranean forest areas (resilience, adaptation, mitigation, transition, evaluation).

To achieve this goal, the Project needs all sectors of society to commit themselves in the same direction. To this end the project activities will include the participation of all kinds of actors such as public bodies, companies, non-governmental organizations, communication agencies, informal and formal education, rural development and tourism institutions.

The project was therefore developed based on the approach commonly adopted by Model Forests, which provides for a bottom-up involvement, transversal to all categories of interested citizens, which also takes into account the importance of networking, thus favoring the exchange of information and good practice.

The project, which will last 16 months, will start in December 2020 and will see among the various activities learning meetings in France (Provence Model Forest), Italy (Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest and Union of municipalities of Rincine Valdarno and Valdisieve) and Portugal (District of Guarda, municipality of Sabugal).

The proposal, conceived by the Provence Model Forest (France), was presented in the framework of the 2020 ERASMUS + Call for Proposals and sees as a partner:

  • Associação Portuguesa de Educação Ambiental, Portugal
  • Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest, Italia
  • Fondo di Sviluppo Regionale della Macedonia Occidentale, Grecia
  • Graine Provenza-Alpi-Costa Azzurra (Réseau régional pour l'éducation à l'environnement), Francia
  • Fundacion Centro De Servicios y Promocion Forestal y de su Industria de Castilla y Leon, Spagna
  • “River Mirna Basin” Model Forest, Croazia

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